Community & Acute Care 1.5 CCM & CE

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Case Management in Acute Care and Community-Based Settings


Case managers and social workers are found in all levels across the care continuum.  As reimbursement methods have evolved, case management services have been introduced at every level of care to ensure that patients receive the best quality of care at the lowest possible cost.

During this webinar, our experts will focus on the differences and similarities in the roles and functions of case managers and social workers across the continuum of care. To understand your role as a case manager, it is necessary to learn the roles of your colleagues across the continuum.  Case managers can no longer work in a silo when caring for patients. These interpersonal and dynamic interfaces will ensure positive financial and clinical outcomes for all delivery settings.

As part of these transitions, the models such as BOOST and RED, first introduced to reduce readmissions, will also be reviewed in terms of the case manager’s role within today’s changing environment.

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